ACC Power Rankings: Week 1

After this week we should probably drop the “power” from power rankings because the ACC looked as bout as good as Amy Winehouse after a crack binge. 

It wasn’t just that the ACC lost, it was that they lost their marquee games on national television and they got embarrassed in those games.

Preseason ACC leader Clemson lost to a middle SEC Alabama, Virginia Tech was beat at their own game by ECU, NC State got whooped behind the wood shed Thursday night, and Virginia was completely out-manned by USC.

A 7-4 mark wouldn’t normally be as bad, but this was a big week for the ACC to make a name for itself.  Instead the conference crumbled and folded.

But, never the less, with the help of other ACC Community leaders, we bring you the ACC power rankings after week one.

Atlantic Division

Wake Forest (1-0)
Last Week: at Baylor 41-13
This Week: vs. Mississippi

Boston College (1-0)
Last Week: at Kent State 21-0
This Week: vs. Georgia Tech

Maryland (1-0)
Last Week: vs. Delaware 14-7
This Week: vs. Middle Tennessee

Florida State (0-0)
Last Week: Bye
This Week: Western Carolina

Clemson (0-1)
Last Week: vs. Alabama 10-34
This Week: vs. Citadel

NC State (0-1)
Last Week: at South Carolina 0-34
This Week: vs. William and Mary


Coastal Division

Georgia Tech (1-0)
Last Week: vs. Jacksonville State 41-14
This Week: at Boston College

Miami (1-0)
Last Week: vs. Charleston Southern 52-7
This Week: at Florida

UNC (1-0)
Last Week: vs. McNeese State 35-27
This Week: Bye

Virginia Tech (0-1)
Last Week: at ECU 22-27
This Week: vs. Furman

Duke (1-0)
Last Week: vs. James Madison 31-7
This Week: vs. Northwestern

Virginia (0-1)
Last Week: vs. USC 7-52
This Week: vs. Richmond


Those are your power rankings for the ACC.


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